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We are excited to present our Waikato Dairy Farming Benchmarking reports for the 2020/21 season, which you can view and download below.

The reports have been collated by our team from actual cash trading data of our Dairy farming clients throughout the Waikato region. The data collected is then used to work out average statistics and benchmarks across the greater Waikato Dairy Farming region.

We consider this a useful and important benchmark for the industry, providing a meaningful statistical analysis of dairy results. Benchmarking your own farm against these stats will allow you to see the areas of your business which are out performing others and those where you can make changes to increase your profitability. 

There is good value in benchmarking and we encourage everyone to measure their results against our statistics. If you would like to look into specific benchmarking and budgeting for your own situation, please contact our team.

Waikato Dairy Farming Benchmarking - 2020/21 season

Explanation video

Check out our 8 min video to hear how the data is collect, what it means & the benefits of using benchmarking in your business.

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