We have a long and proud history of supporting the Dairy Industry in the Waikato which is reflective of our annual Waikato Dairy Farming Benchmarking reports that span back over found decades. After some time away from producing reports, we are excited to revive our stats again and offer specific benchmarking to our clients.

What are the benchmarking stats?

Our benchmarking statistics provide a quick and timely actual cash basis results, collated from over 90 of our Dairy Farming clients across the Waikato.

The benchmarking stats are broken down into four main client groups;

  • Farm Owner/Operators
  •  Farm Owner with 50/50 Sharemilkers
  • 50/50 Sharemilkers
  • Farm Owner with Contact Milker

How is benchmarking my farm useful?

We consider our Dairy Farming statistics as a useful and important benchmark for the industry, providing a meaningful statistical analysis of dairy results.

Benchmarking your own farm against these stats will allow you to see the areas of your business which are out performing others and those areas where you can make changes to increase your profitability.

We can help you with a review of your business. There is good value in benchmarking and we encourage everyone to measure their results against our statistics. 

The stats can also assist in planning forward to ensure their business maintains viability, if for example, interest rates increase, or incur large unplanned expenses.

The benchmarking tools allow you to run a comparison and identify where improvements can be made. For example if farmers in the area are spending $118.22 on animal health a year, but their own costs are $164.00 per year, there is room for improvement.

If you want to buy your first farm, it can help identify what average returns and costs are on farms in the area to determine what you can afford. If your cash flow is struggling, what has changed in your financial performance to previous years, and is this the same trend as other farmers?

There is good value in benchmarking and we encourage everyone to measure their results against our statistics.

Want to know more?

If you would to look into specifc benchmarking and budgeting for your own situation, please contact our team.

We can discuss how we can assist your farming business through benchmarking and our wider range of specialised agri based services.

Exciting news!! We have a brand new Agri-Compliance service. Checkbox helps alleviate the burden of on-farm compliance for Dairy Farmers.

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