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You didn’t get into farming to do paperwork – let us help.

Introducing our new Agri-Compliance Service.
A personalised hub for your farm compliance.

How does the service work?

Meet with our specialised Agri-Compliance expert to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your compliance needs on your farm. We’ll identify any gaps, highlight potential areas of risk, and craft a personalized Farm Compliance Hub exclusively tailored for you. The hub will streamline your on-farm compliance, and complimented by our support, it will ensure you stay focused & up to date on continuous farm compliance.

What does the service offer?

This centralised hub consolidates all essential information in one accessible location, facilitating seamless management of your compliance obligations. Working as a tool for you and our team, the hub will oversee the three main areas: People, Animals and Land, and personalised to your farm requirements, it will send you timely reminders, store documents, file notes, log Health & safety incidents, and provide an overview of your current and upcoming requirements. The hub will also provide you with valuable and relevant resources to stay well-informed about current and upcoming agri-compliance developments. Working as an all-in-one home for compliance, it will help ensure you keep on task with your on-farm obligations.

Why use our service?

In a world where demands are ever-growing and compliance is increasingly complex, our Agri-Compliance Service helps with the overwhelm and burden of your on-farm obligations.

Though it’s tempting to overlook, the consequences of non-compliance are too substantial to ignore.

Let us help with your farm compliance management so you can focus on what matters most – your farm.

Exciting news!! We have a brand new Agri-Compliance service. Checkbox helps alleviate the burden of on-farm compliance for Dairy Farmers.

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