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Careers at CooperAitken

CooperAitken prides itself on being a fantastic place to work. We have a long history of attracting amazing staff with great skills and it is important to us that our staff maintain the balance to enjoy their jobs.

Our client and staff numbers position CooperAitken Ltd as one of the largest, most dominant accounting practice within the Waikato.

We encourage staff development and have a formal process in place to assist our team in their professional development. We are an approved ATO and delight in seeing our team grow in skill and qualifications.


Some insights from current staff members:


“As a fairly new staff member, it’s been awesome having the support and patience of more experienced staff members. I’ve felt very supported and have grown in confidence very quickly in my role.”

(less than 1 year with CooperAitken)


“CooperAitken is behind me every step of the way. Right from when I left university as a fresh graduate, through until now as a Senior Accountant. I have no doubt it will continue well into the future. They are consistently keeping an eye on my progress and give me more challenges and responsibilities when I am ready for it. They work closely with me to ensure that they are helping me get to where I want to be. The huge support they gave me while I was studying to become a Chartered Accountant was invaluable. Also, having people around that feel more like friends than colleagues makes coming to work in the mornings a whole lot easier!

There is also a fantastic Social & Culture Club which puts a lot of effort into organising regular outside-of-work activities (awesome fun stuff like quiz nights, CooperAitken Amazing Race, movie nights, Rugby games, pool tournaments etc) and in-office activities (mufti days, team building, in-office competitions, bake-off competitions etc) which are always heaps of fun!”

(4 years with CooperAitken Ltd)



“I was anxious about my transition from University Life to my working life, but any nerves were soon put to rest when I started here. Being new to the area also I found everyone was extremely welcoming and supportive – the support was invaluable at a time I needed it the most”
(1 year with CooperAitken Ltd)