Evidence of Compliance

Be Audit ready: Streamline Evidence Collection for your farm

Running a farm requires juggling many responsibilities, and compliance can feel like another burden.  But what if you could transfer audits from stressful events to smooth demonstrations of your commitment to best practices.  The key lies in having a well-organised system for evidence collection.

Why evidence collection matters?

Imagine a WorkSafe investigation after a farm incident, your upcoming dairy shed assessment, or an audit for your Farm Environment Plan or the new sustainability loans offered by some banks. In these situations, documented evidence is key to demonstrating your adherence to standards and regulations and will ensure a smooth process.

Compliance evidence is often scattered over various farm sources.  Policies, training records, incidents reports – the list can be overwhelming.  Checkbox can help, with our structured approach to evidence collection.

Building a Robust Compliance Program: The Power of Evidence

Effective evidence collection is the backbone of a strong compliance program. By proactively gathering and organising documentation, you’ll save time and stress during audits. Here’s what your evidence collection should include:

Policies: Policies declare your farms commitment to compliance.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): SOPs detail how tasks are completed compliantly.

Past Audit Reports: These demonstrate how you’ve addressed previous non-compliance issues and implemented improvements.

Training records: Prove your employees are well informed and understand relevant regulations.

Response Plans: Be prepared for emergencies and have documented plans for effluent management.

Risk Assessments (GAP analysis): Identify potential compliance weaknesses and establish best practices to address them.

Supporting documents: Invoices, meeting minutes, and other records can fill in the gaps and provide a complete picture.

Be Audit Ready, All Year Round.

At Checkbox we offer:

A comprehensive list of compliance documents. Ensuring you have everything you need.

GAP analysis support: Identify and address compliance gaps proactively.

Checklists: Guidance on how to meet compliance requirements and what documentation to collect throughout the year.

Regular Check-ins: Stay on track with quarterly reviews to maintain compliance readiness.

Ongoing support: We’re here to answer your questions and provide guidance on any compliance gaps identified.

Consistent evidence collection empowers you to face any audit or investigation with confidence.
Contact Checkbox today to streamline your compliance journey.

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