What does Fonterra’s on-farm emissions reduction target mean?

What does Fonterra’s on-farm emissions reduction target mean? Recently Fonterra released its 30% intensity reduction for on-farm emissions by 2030.  Many farmers will be asking “what does this mean for my farm”. I’m going to break this down for you. First, you need to understand what emissions intensity is. Emissions are predominately reported two ways:

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How do I pay my relief milker?

How do I pay my relief milker? One of the most common queries coming across the Payroll desk is “How can I pay my relief milker?” Some relief milkers will refuse to accept work unless paid in cash, ‘under the table’, and this puts the employer in a difficult position. Someone is needed to do

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Why farm compliance matters

Looking at farm compliance as a cost to your business is now an outdated view.  While it may not be creating value, it is protecting the value of your business, with multiple financial implications for not complying with regulations today. These include; fines for breaching regulations, missing out on premium payments from Farm Assurance Programmes

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Let’s talk about bonuses!

You might be considering offering some kind of incentive or bonus for your staff. It’s important to be aware that there are two types of bonuses an employer can give, an incentive payment or a discretionary bonus, and they are quite different. An incentive payment is generally paid on a regular basis if X Y

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The Principles of Tax

The Taxation Principles Reporting Bill was recently introduced to Parliament stating that “The Government would like to increase the public’s understanding of the tax system and promote informed debate and discussion about its future”.   The Bill proposes 7 principles that are to be “universally accepted” as underpinning the design of good tax policy.  The principles

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Exciting news!! We have a brand new Agri-Compliance service. Checkbox helps alleviate the burden of on-farm compliance for Dairy Farmers.

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