Why farm compliance matters

Looking at farm compliance as a cost to your business is now an outdated view.  While it may not be creating value, it is protecting the value of your business, with multiple financial implications for not complying with regulations today. These include; fines for breaching regulations, missing out on premium payments from Farm Assurance Programmes …

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Are you suffering from business burnout?

Are you feeling burned out from business?The last three years have been demanding and exhausting for many business owners. The challenges have been relentless, and we know many small business owners have had to navigate unprecedented demands because of the pandemic and related government regulations. Burnout results from long-term stress and can manifest in emotional …

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Let’s talk about bonuses!

You might be considering offering some kind of incentive or bonus for your staff. It’s important to be aware that there are two types of bonuses an employer can give, an incentive payment or a discretionary bonus, and they are quite different. An incentive payment is generally paid on a regular basis if X Y …

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The Principles of Tax

The Taxation Principles Reporting Bill was recently introduced to Parliament stating that “The Government would like to increase the public’s understanding of the tax system and promote informed debate and discussion about its future”.   The Bill proposes 7 principles that are to be “universally accepted” as underpinning the design of good tax policy.  The principles …

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GST invoicing & record keeping changes: What are they & what do you they mean for you?

In March 2022, the government announced changes to the GST invoicing and record-keeping requirements, however, this was not enacted until 1 April 2023. These new rules have been introduced to allow for more flexibility around GST invoicing and record-keeping. GST rules have been largely unchanged since the inception of GST in 1986, which does not …

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2020 Drought Recovery Fund

Has your farming business been affected by the 2020 drought? Would you like to apply for $5,000 funding to pay for professional services?   We are pleased to announce that CooperAitken is a pre-approved supplier of MPI and through this funding, we can offer;  3-5 year budget setting, reviewing KPIS, break even point, analysing cost per KG …

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