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Anna Bennett

Chartered Accountant, BBUS

“I love working together with my clients to achieve great outcomes that make a real difference to their lives, and seeing them enjoy the results of their hard work.” 

Since she joined CooperAitken in 1999, Anna has become a CooperAitken partner based in Matamata. She first became interested in accounting when she saw how vital accounting was to business success, and it’s her focus on helping business owners achieve great things that’s helped her build long-term relationships with her clients. Her priority is to help clients achieve success, however that looks to them. 

Anna focuses on being honest and approachable with her clients, to ensure they feel comfortable and heard. As the owner of a motel in Matamata, Anna understands their perspective as a business owner, and can relate to the challenges they face. She values her role as a problem solver and sounding board for her clients, putting plans into action, working with other professionals for the client, and completing and advising on compliance tasks so clients have the peace of mind of knowing it’s taken care of. 

Particularly meaningful are situations where she helps with family succession, enabling the next generation to succeed in their own right while the older generation is looked after and sees their children succeed. 

When she isn’t helping our clients, Anna enjoys helping the CooperAitken team grow in their careers. She also spends most of her free time in family activities with her husband and two children, involved in beach time, snow and water skiing, and being outdoors. 



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