The Herd of Cows Morrinsville Street Art

Artists from Wallace Art Gallery have been busy painting the fibre-glass cows, these were unveiled at the Gallery 26 March 2015. 

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Our cow is called Freedom and has been decorated in an abstract design by Christine Melchior using our brand colours, demonstrating our vibrancy and energy. Christine said  'For the project “Freedom” I chose the sponsorship partner’s company colours to express the value they deliver to their clients and their community, “creating freedom for your business.”

The colour blue represents trust, loyalty and integrity. Green symbolises prosperity and abundance, harmony, balance and growth. White represents the meaning for understanding and protection.  The gold, copper and silver leaf used here symbolize quality, value but also prestige and sophistication and overall the benefits of material wealth, “freedom”.

The green Koru’s meaning here is the support for growth of nature but also growth and development for clients and the community.  














and here are some of the other cows...































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