Meet Megan Potter, our new Associate.

Megan is our In-house Lawyer and leads our Trusts and Companies divisions, managing client’s trusts, companies, professional trusteeships, compliance work and special project work. Megan completed her law degree in 2014, graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Waikato. Originally set out for a different path, Megan soon found her passion for working with trusts, estates and relationships property matters. She joined our CooperAitken team the following year, where she started managing our Trust division. Megan’s role soon evolved into the management of the companies division, when the two divisions merged. Megan now leads a team of 4 and works closely with all directors to support clients through their trusts, companies, compliance and succession planning.

With only 6 years in the profession, Megan has already achieved many professional successes. She has been a finalist the NZ Law Awards for ‘Young In-House Lawyer of the Year’ in 2017, 2018 and 2020, made the NZ Lawyer Rising Stars list in 2020 and was named a NZ Lawyer In-house Leader in 2020.

Megan, who is extremely dedicated to her role, takes great pride in the firm’s long standing history and the maintenance of multi-generational client relationships. Megan has been working towards being part of the firm in a higher capacity for some time. She really values her wide range of working relationships with many other professionals, and how these have evolved during her time with CooperAitken.

Megan, who is our first non-accounting Associate, has worked hard to demonstrate the value of a legal mind in a professional services firm, and the value it can attribute to our clients overall success.

Who is Megan when she’s not in lawyer mode?
She’s a local girl who grew up on a farm in Springdale and has a strong passion for the agricultural industry. Megan and her husband Scott, live in Tahuna with their two fur babies, Annie and Beaudie. Scott is a volunteer fire fighter and they take pride in being involved in their community. Megan loves spending time with her hubby, pups, family and friends, and can often be found at a local beach or lake – if they’re not undertaking a home DIY or garden project. She is also the biggest Christmas lover you will find, and their home decorations at Christmas time are a force to be reckoned with.

Being appointed as an Associate is a really important step for Megan and she feels it gives her a real sense of being an integral part of the firm’s future, growth and development. We see Megan as a fantastic addition to our management team, and her passion, enthusiasm, dedication and experience is extremely valued.

We are delighted to have Megan as an Associate and look forward to the future of the firm.

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