Maintain property inspections on farm


Maintain property inspections on farm

By John Brosnan – Human Resources & Business Development Advisor

As employers, farmers have to make sure any accommodation they provide is free of Methamphetamine (P).

Farm houses failing methamphetamine tests are becoming too common. Farm houses are attractive targets. But it is not just P labs that cause contamination. Using P in the house can also cause issues. It is extremely distressing for anyone affected and can be a very costly and time consuming process to clean. The by-products of P use and manufacture are extremely dangerous. Decontamination is strictly a job for the professionals.

Houses can be inhabitable for periods of time, meaning alternative accommodation for staff has to be found, on top of cleaning costs. So how do we minimize the risks of this happening to us?

Firstly, benchmark your existing houses now. Get them tested and prove they are clean. This way you can be sure your properties are safe for living in. Test your property’s before new tenants move in.
Secondly, drug test your employees. Conduct a pre-employment drug test.
Thirdly, do monthly property inspections on all new staff. If you have had a staff member there a while you may only do them quarterly. Even if the house is effectively in the paddock beside yours – do your inspections.

Finally, check your insurance cover to see if you are protected in the case that you did have
a property contaminated by P.

In my role I have seen an increasing number of issues around drugs and their impact on the rural workplace.  The above steps can help minimize the risks and protect the farm properties for the owner and future tenants.

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