HR on the Farm – Good Advice as the Season Closes

The Season winds down and June is looming…

The season is drawing to a close and this means there is the usual mixed bag of tasks to do on the farm.

In the Waikato we’ve had it pretty dry since Christmas and many are very grateful they were able to make extra supplements in Spring, many have been on either 16 hour milkings or OAD. We’re all checking that the cows are in the right condition now to be ready for drying off and calving and planning those maintenance tasks that need to be done after a busy season before calving.

Staying Motivated…

Clearly now is also the time a lot of the maintenance work can be done. But motivation can become an issue at this time of year with both employers and staff experiencing frustration when some team members don’t turn up for work. There are still fences to repair, weeds to get on top of and just general cleaning and tidy up work around the farm. Not to mention for those changing roles, the planning ahead of June 1st.

Good Advice to farm staff…

The key points are, if you are moving on, do not burn bridges by dropping your work ethics in the final days. Turn up for work and work as if you were staying in that role, and maintain good working relationships.

If you need time off farm for whatever reason – communicate! Discuss this with the boss, ensure it is planned and suits the daily happenings on farm.

Good Advice for Employers…

Be sure your plans are sorted, this includes all your employment agreements and employment information, including having your health and safety programs in place and current.

If you need some help with any of the above, give our HR specialist a call. Contact John Brosnan on 021 508 128 for a confidential chat.

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