COVID-19 – Phases Two and Three

As part of Phases Two and Three of the Covid-19 response the government have announced a ‘close contact exemption scheme’ which is intended to help businesses work through COVID-19 and not take out key staff.

Information can be found here about how to register, and whether you meet the criteria for a critical service.

You will require a RealMe login to be able to register. Your RealMe login will need to be linked to your NZBN, if it is not already.

If your application for the ‘Close Contact Exemption Scheme’ is accepted you will qualify to receive free Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits. However, these kits will not be available until you/your employee have been advised they are a close contact of a positive case. You will then be able to apply for the RAT kits here you can order once every 8 days.

The Bubble of One option is available if you have a worker who is a close contact but is not customer facing and can maintain a ‘bubble of one’ while at work and meets all detailed criteria, you are not required to register for this.

If you do have employees that need to self-isolate, there is a short-term absence payment can be applied for here and a leave support scheme that can be applied for here.

Letters notifying if someone is a close contact will no longer be sent out, unless it is a case at a school or employees have registered as being at a place of interest.


RealMe Registration;
Close Contact Exemption Scheme;
Order RAT Kits;
Bubble of One;

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