ANZAC Day Mondayised

Articles ANZAC Day Mondayised This year ANZAC day falls on a weekend and this means the holiday gets moved to the Monday…. read how this affects you Attachments Easter and Anzac day April 2015 (101 kB)

Calling 111

Articles Calling 111 Sounds like a daft question, but when your under pressure can you give clear directions to emergency services… .read more Attachments 111 asks where are you March 2015 (101 kB)

Buying a property – talk to us first

Articles Buying a property – talk to us first When considering the purchase of a property, there are many issues which need to be addressed. Talk to us at the beginning of the process and make sure your new venture starts off on the right foot…. read more Attachments March 2015 (98 kB)

Plan your tax payments…

Articles Plan your tax payments… Currently, of particular importance for Dairy Farmers is the timing of taxable income and managing the resulting tax payments.  With dairy payout having significant swings between the tax years, careful planning can result in both significant delays of tax payments and permanent tax savings. Read more Attachments Are you planning …

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Advise during low pay out year

Articles Advise during low pay out year There is a number of things you can do to help you including income equalisation and delaying your tax return, read more Attachments Increasing production will not be enough (31 kB)

LTC – Fishhooks

Articles LTC – Fishhooks In an attempt to reduce the tax benefits of LAQCs the Government introduced Look-through Company (LTC) legislation to apply from 1 April 2011. As time as passed ‘fish hooks’ have surfaced…read the consequences of these… Attachments LTC Company (217 kB)

budgeting software for farmers

Articles budgeting software for farmers Budgeting has never been more important – after all the current forecast for the 2015 season is lower than anticipated a couple of months ago. Coral compares the current software available to assist with budget preparation read more. Attachments Software (207 kB)

Claim back the petrol increase

Articles Claim back the petrol increase Petrol has just gone up another 3 cents per litre.  This means you are  paying about 66 cents per litre to the government in taxes.  If you are farming you will be able to claim much of this back – read more Attachments Fuel Rebates July 2014 040714 (166 …

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Minimum Wage

Articles Minimum Wage Clarification regarding minimum wage on farm read more Attachments The hours and wage question Sept 2014(1) (91 kB)

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