Livestock valuation methods

Articles Livestock valuation methods about Livestock valuation methods, the main options and implications…. Read more Attachments LIVESTOCK LAWS PASSED BUT WHATS AROUND THE CORNER – 23.08.13 (24 kB)

Farm orientation

Articles Farm orientation With farm staff moving this season, make sure you provide them with a good understanding of your farm and how you want things to work… read more Attachments Gypsy Day Orientation May 2015 (100 kB)

Tax Pooling

Articles Tax Pooling It can be difficult to calculate income tax obligations, and if you pay your tax late, or underpay the IRD they will charge you penalties. On the other hand if you have overpaid your tax you will only receive 2.63% interest from the IRD, which could be expensive if you are funding …

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Get prepared and save money

Articles Get prepared and save money For most farmers the end of the financial year is fast approaching.  The following are some points to consider prior to 31 May 2015 Reviewing these points may help you save money.  Ensuring your information is current and accurate will help you to make more timely decisions about the …

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Herd of Cows press release

Articles Herd of Cows press release Following the unveiling if the Her of Cows, Nicki Robb, project lead issued this press release about the project, the background and how the cows are made… read more Attachments MEDIA RELEASE (2) (2) (230 kB)

ANZAC Day Mondayised

Articles ANZAC Day Mondayised This year ANZAC day falls on a weekend and this means the holiday gets moved to the Monday…. read how this affects you Attachments Easter and Anzac day April 2015 (101 kB)

Calling 111

Articles Calling 111 Sounds like a daft question, but when your under pressure can you give clear directions to emergency services… .read more Attachments 111 asks where are you March 2015 (101 kB)

Buying a property – talk to us first

Articles Buying a property – talk to us first When considering the purchase of a property, there are many issues which need to be addressed. Talk to us at the beginning of the process and make sure your new venture starts off on the right foot…. read more Attachments March 2015 (98 kB)

Plan your tax payments…

Articles Plan your tax payments… Currently, of particular importance for Dairy Farmers is the timing of taxable income and managing the resulting tax payments.  With dairy payout having significant swings between the tax years, careful planning can result in both significant delays of tax payments and permanent tax savings. Read more Attachments Are you planning …

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Advise during low pay out year

Articles Advise during low pay out year There is a number of things you can do to help you including income equalisation and delaying your tax return, read more Attachments Increasing production will not be enough (31 kB)

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