AgriSmart helps with Health & Safety requirements


AgriSmart helps with Health & Safety requirements

Developed by CooperAitken, AGRISMART software now includes a HEALTH AND SAFETY module, designed specifically for our farming clients.
AgriSmart was initially developed by us for farmers as a simple to use but effective tool to record hours worked on the farm, as we recognised the need for software designed specifically for farmers, and this has proven to be a very valuable tool
The AgriSmart Health and Safety module enables farmers to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015), which came into effect on 4 April 2016 and replaces the old Health and Safety in Employment Act (1992).

Under the old law, farm owners had separate duties for their employees and contractors.
The new law doesn’t distinguish between employees and contractors. It simplifies the duty of care. This means that farm owners owe the same health and safety duties to a sharemilker (who is a contractor), or a service repairer, as they do to any employee.
It is easier under the new law, to hold officers, like directors and on some farms senior farm managers, personally responsible for health and safety on the farm.
Under the old law, officers were only personally liable for health and safety breaches if they actively participated in the breach. This threshold was difficult to prove, so it was easy for directors/senior managers to avoid the consequences of a serious farm accident.
Now farm officers, and others in positions of responsibility like farm managers, have a duty to ensure the farming business meets its health and safety obligations.
The maximum penalties for reckless breaches in health and safety are now;

  • 5 years imprisonment or $600,000 fine for an officer
  • $3m fine for a company

By having a robust Health and Safety system on the farm you can significantly reduce the risk of serious harm in the first instance, whilst reducing significant penalties in the process.

AGRISMART is a comprehensive yet easy to use HEALTH AND SAFETY system that will enable you to record;

  • Known risks on the farm, with a list of actions to mitigate those risks
  • Induction process for both staff and contractors
  • Incidents on the farm
  • Emergency plan
  • All your powered equipment showing the service history of that equipment
  • Hazardous substances
  • The skills required on the farm, matched to your employees skills
  •  All messages sent directly to employees
  • Tasks arising from risks and incidents
  • All risks identified and eliminated, and number of near misses, etc., recorded, so you can learn from these.

Agrismart is web based and can be accessed on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Prices start from $20/month, plus GST, for 0 to 3 employees.

For AgriSmart queries, please contact Imran Raza or Mark Crarer, on 07 902 2899 or 
For Health & Safety queries, please John Brosnan, on 07 889 7153 or

Please note we are not HEALTH AND SAFETY CONSULTANTS. Our Agrismart H&S software enables you to record the required elements of a good HEALTH AND SAFETY SYSTEM.

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