Month: October 2017

Rollercoaster ride of milk payouts

Articles Rollercoaster ride of milk payouts Final payouts have been announced, read what these were, and what they mean to you… read more Attachments The Rollercoaster ride of milk payouts 13-10-13finalfinal (187 kB)

Pay requirements over Spring

Articles Pay requirements over Spring Over recent years there have been an increasing number of farm employers under the eagle eye of the Ministry of Business Employment & Innovation (formerly known as the Department of Labour) for failing to pay staff the minimum wage during the calving and mating season… read how to make sure …

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Death and Taxes

Articles Death and Taxes You may have a Will but do you understand the tax implications…..there are three man issues to be considered who retains ownership of the asset, who receives income from the asset and what tax implications are there with ownership transfer at the time of death. The Will needs to ensure tax …

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Livestock Herd Scheme Values

Articles Livestock Herd Scheme Values Herd Scheme values for livestock were announced by the government on 14 May 2013. These represent valuations of livestock throughout the country at 30 April 2013. Read about the changes going forward in 2014… read more Attachments Herd Scheme Values as at 14 May 2013 – 10-6-13 (86 kB)

Dairy Statistics Press Release

Articles Dairy Statistics Press Release Peter Hexter, Director at CooperAitken said ”2012 was an outstanding season. The great grass growth allowed cows to produce to their full potential. Production was up by nearly 10% across the board which was on par with the national average and this was achieved without increasing cow numbers. Read more …

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Milk Solid Supply Entitlements now available

Articles Milk Solid Supply Entitlements now available Partnering with the Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company (Tatua), CooperAitken is able to offer farmers a great incentive to buy, sell or lease MSEs. Read more about this exciting opportunity or register your interest.

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