CooperAitken and Wools of New Zealand


Wanting to buy or sell Wool of New Zealand Shares?

It is CooperAitken’s and Wools of New Zealand’s aim to make the transfer of shares transparent and as fluid as possible to benefit suppliers and shareholders.

Wools of New Zealand is a 100% grower-owned sales and marketing company with over 700 grower shareholders representing approximately 14.5 million kilograms of annual strong wool production.

Strong Wool grower shareholders now own Wools of New Zealand (WNZ), it’s brands and other assets which are being put to work in the international market to lift shareholder returns.

CooperAitken will maintain a database of clients wanting to buy and sell shares and CooperAitken will put you in touch with people who have shares to buy or sale.

To make a shareholder transaction please complete this form.

In the meantime please contact Peter Hexter, Director 07 889 7153.


We currently have 201,647 shares to sell at approximately between 50 cents & Market Value - (current as of 11th November 2014)


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