National Average Market Values for Specified Livestock 2014

  • Values have risen across sheep, beef cattle and dairy cattle types, although they have not recovered to the high point attained in the 2012 year, e.g. Friesian mixed aged cows are now $1,963 and were $2,115 in 2012 and $1,873 in 2013.
  • Values for Friesian animals have increased by around 5%, however for Jersey mixed aged cows the price has increased by 10% over its 2013 value.
  • Values for sheep and beef reflect the recent rises in return for farmers in this sector.
  • Milking goat values have eased from the 2013 year, with Does over one year decreasing from $620 to $550, an 11% decrease.
  • The combining of dairy cattle into one type has been delayed until the 2014/15 season

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