We are able to offer accurate, timely assistance in a number of areas. These include:

  • Registration queries                                                                                     
  • Preparation of GST returns
  • Filing and adjusting GST returns
  • IRD audit assistance
  • Specialist events involving GST -  eg sale or purchase of property

With CooperAitken completing your GST this has added advantages:

  • We identify areas of concern early
  • It means your annual accounts take less time for us to prepare - saving you money

Calculating GST

To add GST on an exclusive figure you multiply by 1.15 i.e. 100 + GST =  100x1.15 = 115.  To work out the GST by itself, just multiply the exclusive figure by 0.15.

To work out the GST on an inclusive figure, you divide it by 23 then multiply by 3 i.e. Price 115 including GST  you divide it by 23 and multiply by 3 and you will come up with 15.  To work out the net price you must take the GST away from the inclusive price by dividing by 1.15 i.e. 115/1.15 = 100.











GST and E- Commerce

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