Tatua MSE's process

To be a supplier to Tatua you need to own Tatua MSE's, with the minimum standard being determined by the Tatua board.  To secure the full payment for milk solids supplied it is necessary to ensure that the number of MSE's you hold matches your full production for the season.

Therefore you have options available to you to either lease or purchase the number of MSE's you require.

MSE Price Trends

  • Last Sale price for MSE's was $21.50.
  • The average price of MSE's leased in the 2014/2015 season was dependent on timing.  Initially between neighbours its on the basis of a $1 but through the tender process they reached above the $3 mark.

To register your interest...

Simply complete this form, and CooperAitken will endeavour to find a trading partner for you.

If you would like to discuss this further with CooperAitken please contact Peter Hexter or Imran Raza, telephone them on 07 8897153


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