Maximise on-line Marketing


Every modern day business needs a website, most people will check out your website before telephoning you

20 Website Tips
  1. Fast loading – must be 8 seconds on 56k modem.
  2. Images are important and critical they bring the page alive, and can convey more than words
  3. Images need to be optimised for website (web designer should do this)
  4. User friendly in terms of layout this is CRITICAL
  5. Meet expectations – menu’s are expected to be across  the top or down the left hand side
  6. Quirky websites DO NOT work, they are frustrating
  7. Must be professional designed
    1. Remember if you are recommended people will  check out your website
    2. Do not let designers go quirky – find another one
  8. Testimonials and case studies are really good but must be true
  9. About us – don’t under estimate the power of this page
  10. Get it SEO
  11. Have links to other websites – google loves this
  12. Google watches for change this signals that your business is alive and your website is up to date
  13. Local telephone numbers if you’re a local business
  14. When describing your product take an ‘outside view looking in’ NOT and inside view looking out
  15. Have links to other pages – don’t have pages with nowhere to go
  16. Make sure  links have actual words (not just click here) again google will picks up on the words
  17. Have good headlines for each page, you have 3 seconds to engage, change and test different ones
  18. Keep it updated – regularly changes at least weekly
  19. Have lots and lots of text, but chuck it up with sub heading
  20. Remember its and extension of your business – so keep with your brand image

Website Measurement

A website provide really good data, so use it to make informed decision and remove ‘gut’ feel, the things your can measure include”

  1. No of visitors
  2. No. of new visitors
  3. No. of repeat visitors
  4. Abandon rate – started to shop but cancelled (average 70%)
  5. Which pages do they enter on
  6. Which pages do they exit on
  7. How long do they spend on your website

 10 Reasons why you should use Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing is highly cost effective way of communication
  2. It is quick, you can communicate instantly
  3. Measurable results – track who opened it, what links they went to
  4. Easily personalized a proven way to get attention
  5. A good way to keep in touch with your customers, build relationships and promote your  services
  6. Template emailing - personalised pictures and hooks back into your website
  7. Reach anyone, anywhere
  8. Emails are often forwarded
  9. Can be used to gather customer feedback
  10. Most people today have an email address

 Don’t sell, use to build relationship and give timely appropriate information

Social Media

Whilst many of us find scary, social media is simple communication tools; all will continue to evolve as users find new ways to extract value. It still remains to be seen whether social media has a profitable and sustainable business model. Finding ways to turn all those ‘reached’  into profits,.

  • 500 million active users (1.65 million in NZ)
  • Facebook is popular with all ages
  • It’s a two way conversation with your customers and potential customers
  • It’s easy to manage
  • An excellent way to show the more social side of your company
  • Publish videos and photos
  • Create the most targeted measurable advertising available
  • Link back into your website
  • The key to Facebook is gaining ‘followers’
  • It generally only works if you have a plan
  • The social network for Business people
  • 250,000 users in NZ
  • More focused on the individual and their accomplishments
  • Essentially an online CV
  • People looking to stay in touch with former colleagues
  • Active job seekers
  • Gain knowledge with Polls
  • Join groups


  • 535,000 users in NZ
  • Reach far beyond your inner circle of friends
  • Pure communication tool, rapid responsiveness
  • Very interactive
  • Limited functionality; find people, send brief messages, direct replies
  • Limited to 140 characters per update
  • Notify your customers immediately about special offers, new product, alerts etc
  • Increasing noise level


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