The objectives for Sponsorship should include:

  • An opportunity to create long-term value
  • Ability to reach targeted audiences cost effectively and build relationships
  • Positive exposure for your brand

Sponsorship is a friendlier way of marketing than advertising

What's not recommended for Sponsorship

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Extreme sports
  • Religious activities
  • Political candidates or organisations
  • Causes you DON'T believe in - don't try and fake it!
  • Is their cause acceptable - you are judged by the company you keep

Cosiderations to think about

Relative cost to exposure

  • Is the cost relatively small compared to other ways you have of reaching this group
  • Are you getting more exposure, better targeted exposure compared with other avenues available
  • Is the exposure long term, or a one off event/advert
  • What is the exposure numbers – circulation, membership numbers
  • Have a clear criteria plan - so each request is reviewed the same

Other sponsors

  • How well will you stand out
  • Number of other sponsors
  • Are there sponsors that offer similar products or services – you really want to be the only one.
  • Will association with the other sponsors make you look good

Leverage the Sponsorship to the maximum

  • Can you get a list of member names and market to them before and/or after the event
  • Will it be beneficial to you to list this sponsorship in your marketing material/website
  • Can you suggest additional mediums where they could advertise and promote you and your support
  • Obtain photos and feedback from the sponsors for your website and other customer communciation
  • Stay involved with the sponsorship, attend events and functions
  • Ensure they have your maketing material at their premises, events functions - banners, brochures etc

"Remember you give personally to charities BUT sponsorships are business decisions - monitor the results'.


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