Marketing Practical Advice

Hints and tips on different marketing topics, click on the titles below to view these....


Why do marketing - Read what marketing is, learn to think wider than advertising, what is the 'golden' key to marketing....

Promotions and communications - 10 tips to make your promotional activity better and get more for your marketing dollar

Website tips and measurement - Learn about the content and presentation of your website.

The External Environment - Maximise opportunities from  suppliers, strategic alliances, endorsements, networking, competitors etc

Sponsorship - when you should consider it, and what you should obtain from it

Advertising tips, order of pages, size of adverts etc

Internal Environment, target market, processes, database and staff

Developing a brochure, think about how the material is to be used, tips on the acutal copy inside

10 Product and Services tips, how to maximise your offering










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