Internal Environment

Target Market

  • Look at the sales trend you have -
  • Who are you currently selling to
  • Is this what you expected
  • Does this segment still have opportunities to grow
  • Are there better segments offering a better profit margin
  • Look for data to help you see which segments are growing or shrinking


Map out your Internal Processes

Be a customer yourself – see how easy, or hard it is to do business with yourself, experience the frustrations, understand what was important to you as a customer

Monitoring complaints - this is a really good way of seeing where you are falling short and maybe not getting a client in the first place or losing one









  • Personal contact information – all communication works better if it is personalized.
  • Collect Email address, a free way to communicate with your customers.
  • Progress your database so it allows you to see what product you should next promote
  • Work invested in your database is rarely a waste of time


They portray you brand and positioning, so make sure they know your company messages. Make sure you have the right people in the right positions. Train your staff on marketing and make sure your keep them up to date with marketing activity.


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