Promotional and Communiation Activity

10 ways to get more from your Marketing dollar

  1. Be able to describe your product easily and consistently
  2. You need a range of activities, a layered approach one method rarely works on its own
  3. Be ready to respond – train staff
  4. Communicate with your existing customers at least 4 times a year
  5. Personalisation will always get a better response and is powerful in getting attention
  6. Urgency, make things urgent to encourage a response – buy before price rise, action before a date to be entered into a competition, limited number available
  7. Incentives always work better compared to no incentive
  8. At least have a newsletter, and to save costs email this out
  9. Maximise the use of Headlines (In a letter or email subject)
  10. Testimonials in your marketing suite work well.

Headlines and Testimonials

Headlines attract attention, use them to promise benefits, be news worthy, or create curiosity. Longer headlines do better than short.

Make any testimonials very powerful, integrate them with the subject, and don't have them all at the end. Make sure they are real and give credibility by putting names, photos, signatures next to them.

Even the odd spelling mistake makes them look more credible.

Pictures and Images

  • Pictures/ Images bring text and article/message to life and can help to support the words
  • Cartoons work well
  • Photographs are believable
  • One large picture attracts more attention than lots of small ones
  • Men look at men!
  • Women look at women!
  • Positive pictures work better than negative
  • Before and after pictures work well
  • Putting something odd in the picture – model with eye patch

Printing and Creative Agencies

You only have one chance to leave a professional image, investing in a creative agency and professional printing is important – printing costs are lower than they have ever been.


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