How to maxmise opportunities from your external market


  • Have good agreements with your suppliers
  • If your suppliers are part of your customer journey make sure you have service standards with them
  • If you have a sole supplier – could they fund some of your marketing activity, look for joint opportunities.

  • Multiple suppliers - understand why you have several suppliers and promote the benefits this brings your business to your customers

Strategic Alliances

Find organisations with a similar profile of customers, but a non- competing product and work them. Reciprocal marketing could include:

  • Links on each other’s website
  • Inserting promotional leaflets into each others customer correspondence
  • Including articles in each other's newsletters
  • Joint events - seminars, workshops


If you can find someone credible to endorse your product and write to their customers recommending you. THIS IS VERY POWERFUL.






It is very time consuming so plan it out, network with a few key influences rather than many general supporters

Professional Bodies

If you are in an industry that is regulated, make sure you know about any changes coming up. Use the professional body to your advantage, and see whether they can help with joint marketing activity like your suppliers.


Find out who they are and what they offer, so you can make your offer better or different. Even go and be a customer yourself.


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