Developing a brochure or leaflet

What is the brochure meant to do?

Firstly think about who is your target audience? and what situations will you want to use the brochure.

  • Are you going to send it in the post?
  • Only use it face to face with someone?
  • Do you want it to fit in a brochure stand?
  • Do you expect the brochure to sell on its own?
  • Assist you or a sales person with selling?
  • Do you want to be able to put your business card in it?
  • Do you want to be able to add other leaflets (have a flap/pocket)?

Copy/Text Inside

  • Needs to be written from the readers point of view
  • Think about the order
  • Benefits/features ‘What’s in it for me’ solution angle (a good way of doing this is state the feature and keep asking and this means what?)
  • Generally no technical jargon
  • Too little copy and it doesn’t convey your message
  • Too much and people won’t read it
  • Generally strong headlines, sub heading, bullet points work well
  • Strong photo’s, images – bigger work better then lots of small ones
  • It is always good if you can give some free advice, helpful hints and tips – demonstrate your knowledge
  • Client testimonials or case studies are good but not too many
  • Generally brochures sale the benefits first and then the company profile information last
  • Keep it consistent with your brand, so if they go from brochure to website it looks and feels the same
  • Essential to include website, email and contact details


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