Advertising Tips...

  • General press advertising is widely considered a waste of marketing spending
  • For advertising opportunities look for things with a long shelf live eg wall planner, calendars
  • Piggy back on others activity eg insert in a newsletter
  • Funny, quirky, risky doesn’t often work
  • Have a check list to make sure you always have your contact details correct
  • Inserts work better than flat space
  • Each insert piece gets about 32 seconds worth of attention
  • Think about advertising on the edge of every page
  • For smaller adverts use minimal copy
  • Incentives will always pull a better response

Order of pages to advertise

  • Front page is best
  • Back page is second best
  • Inside front hand side
  • Inside left hand side
  • Inside back right
  • Inside back left
  • Then in order front to back
  • Generally right hand pages do better than left
  • Adverts next to TV/horoscopes do better
  • Adverts surrounded by ‘matter’ do worse

Size and frequency of Advert

If a whole page advert equals100%

  • Half a page advert equals 68%
  • Quarter of a page equals 49%
  • A double page equals 141%

Running an advert again straight away will pull less the second time. You can run an advert more often when

  • The advert is small
  • The offer/product is interesting
  • The circulation is large

Take advantage of media deals these range from:

  • Volume discount
  • Series discount
  • Run of the week discount
  • Standby discount
  • Rate guarantee
  • Special position
  • Soft period





  • Used mainly to attract enquiries


  • Have much longer copy dates i.e you have to get your advert there long before publish date
  • They can pull a response in over a longer period as opposed to press advertising. They have longer shelf life
  • Inserts are easier to test
  • Different formats, sizes, colours shapes will make a difference
  • Stitched inserts work better than loose ones
  • A reply mechanism does better


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