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Our marketing manager can look at all your management processes and implement changes that will enable you to supply your customers more effectively and profitably.

This can be a wide as a full marketing plan.

By going through a marketing plan process you will:

  • Know your objectives and market position
  • Know what activity to do that drives towards theses objectives
  • Be able to look at areas that block progress towards these objectives
  • Know the issues that are key to you at present, and need addressing
  • Know your target market

Why do marketing at all... read more

The process we will take you through includes:

External Key Issues - Understand what these are and how they might affect you and your business:

  • Competitors - who are they, where are they, what is their positioning on price, customer service etc
  • Suppliers
  • Professional bodies
  • Social changes
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Political
  • Economical

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Internal Key Issues:

  • Distribution, market size, current market penetration
  • Staff/team
  • Processes - the whole customer journey - first contact to paying the bill, dealing with a complaint etc
  • Pricing
  • Products, have you got an introduction product and an upgrade and cross sell programme. Read more on Product tips

Marketing includes all your internal processes - Every interation the customers has with you or your team

  • How you deal with a customer enquiry
  • How you handle a purchase
  • How the process of your invoicing works
  • How you handle complaints

The idea is to make all these practices, processes and behaviors that make up your processes more effective in getting and keeping customers...

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Understanding your customers:

  • New business growth
  • Repeat business
  • Upgrade/cross sell
  • Lost customers
  • Average profit
  • Average revenue
  • Data held and how used
  • Communication methods 

 The most effective way to use marketing spend is with your existing customers”

  • They can buy again
  • They can buy more
  • They can buy something different
  • They can refer a new client

         A key SWOT will be produced for the following areas:

  •              - Pricing
  •              - Products
  •              - Services
  •              - Distribution method
  •              - Promotion
  •              - Team/people





Strategies and objectives are needed in the following areas:

  • Processes
  • Staff/team
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • Promotional

General Marketing Principles and advice:

The only reason you should spend money on marketing is to increase your revenue or profit. Revenue is increased by bringing in new clients. Revenue AND PROFIT is increased by ultilising your existing customer base.

  • Databases and collecting good customer information is always key, and how to use it effectively is vital
  • Upgrading and cross selling to existing customers is generally more cost effective than getting a new customer
  • Understanding why, and stopping customers leaving  is generally  more cost effective than getting new customers
  • Communicate with your existing customers at leave 4 times and year
  • Only promise what you can deliver, and position yourself truthfully (if you don't give good service don't t say that you do)
  • Be able to communicate your product or service easily and consistently.. read more on product tips
  • Monitor complaints - generally a good indicator of a key issue in your business
  • Website and on line marketing is becoming more and more important, and is very cost effective
  • Generally advertising is not a good spend of marketing budget - think much wider
  • Don't be tactical and knee jerk into promotion and advertising - it rarely works, it may be far more effective to train your staff, or update your database.

Promotional/communication methods include:

10 ways to get more from your marketing dollar

  • Brand Image
  • Direct marketing
  • Telesales
  • Press releases
  • Sponsorship - read how to maxmise your sponsorship
  • Events
  • Training (customers)
  • Website/shout email
  • On line social marketing
  • Text messages
  • Newsletters
  • Email
  • Brochures - read how to make these effective
  • DL leaflets
  • Testimonials
  • Member get member
  • Competitors
  • Incentive program

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