Reward and Recognition Reviews

Employee performance evaluations may seem like a lot of work, but they do have several distinct purposes;

  • Keep track of employee performance so you can reward fairly
  • Reduce your turnover 
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Communicate company and individual goals to all employees

Most businesses would benefit from better communication and a good review system can help in this area, and aid people to

  • Increase their own effectiveness
  • Clarify their own job and responsibilities 
  • Understand the goals of the company

Sample of a Team Member Performance Evaluation.

A more advanced system aims to increase the performance of staff, increase team work, with common goals and fewer obstacles

Different review techniques include the traditional top down method – monthly, quarterly to annual reviews; other methods are peer review, self reviews, 360 degree.

CooperAitken can help you devise the right performance review for your company and coach, give guidance to managers on how to perform these and how to handle difficult staff matters around performance.



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