Recruitment and Selection

Using CooperAitken can take the stress and time out of this process for you.

Let us take care of the process for you and bring you a small set of quality applicants for final interview. We sort the rest, you choose from the best.


Ensuring the job is described correctly and the skills and experience  needed are clear, is vital, but you also want to tell then why they  would want to work for you. An example of a Poor and Successful Advert for a Job


A lengthy, but important process checking CV’s matching the experience and skills with the position you have. Sometimes telephone interviewing is a quicker way of ascertaining whether the candidate should progress to a face to face interview.

Sample Application Form.

Tips on the advert and selecting for an interview


Techniques have evolved from the traditional interview style of asking candidates a series of straightforward questions like ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’ ‘What major challenges have you faced?’ to a behavioural interviewing technique discovering how the candidate acted in a specific employment related situation. Behavioural interview questions will be more pointed, more probing, and more specific and need planning to be relevant to the position you are looking to fill. Sample Interview Questions.

Tips on interviewing - telephone and face to face

Reference Checking

This is more than confirming previous employment; it should be structured so it allows you to validate some of the answers given by the candidate.

Tips on reference checking


Pay levels, incentives, bonus schemes. We have various tools to assist you with pitching the salary at the right level to attract the right candidate.



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