Human Resource Farming articles


Holiday pay - how to cope with farm workders working part statutory days and relief workers... read more

Communication tips when on the farm... read more

The farm rental needs to reflect market rates or employers could be faced with fringe benefit tax issues... read more

Gypsy Day - make sure staff know what's what read more

Calling 111.... make sure you know where you are... read more

This year ANZAC day falls on a weekend and this means the holiday gets moved to the Monday.... read how this affects you



Bullying in the workplace.. read mroe

How to handle the employee who comes to work under the influence.. read more

Good safety policies include your wellbeing too - read more

The boss is wrong - read more

How to find the time to get things done over calving - read more

Calculate the minimum pay rate correctly over calving especially in light of the MBIE decision on accommodation - read more

Requirements from a good employee, a general list of things employees needs to be doing - read more

What to do if an employee says 'No' they won't do something you have asked - read more

Do the job properly or get out, getting employees to lift their standards in the dairy industry - read more

What to do on the farm when planned work is unable to happen as planned read more

The importance of keeping time records read more



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