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2013 Highlights

  • Operating Profit per hectare took a big dive down to $683, a 54.2% drop
  • Production per hectare was down to 1049kg, a 7.2% drop
  • Operating expenses per kg/MS was up 12.2% and 4% on a per hectare basis
  • All major costs per hectare saw an increase except for Fertiliser which dropped 15.8%

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2012 Highlights

  • Operating profit per hectare has grown over 20% from 2011 to 2012 however this was mainly due to the increased in livestock values of $422 per hectare
  • Milk sales increased by only $63 per hectare
  • Farm working expenses back under $2 per $/kgMS but per hectare were up 6%
  • Feed and fertiliser costs remained static with increases of less than 5%
  • The biggest cost increase was repairs and maintenance at 14.3%

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2011 Highlights

  • Operating profit per hectare almost doubled to $1235
  • Production per hectare up at 1041kg with the national average at 920kg
  • Farm working expenses up,  but only by 5%
  • Feed costs per cow saw the biggest increase at 22% and fertiliser increased by 17%

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2010 Highlights

  • Production per cow has remained steady from 2009
  • Operating profit almost doubled from 2009
  • All major expenses down except for interest costs

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