2014 Dairy Farming Averages Reports

Our 2014 Dairy Farming averages reports are now available - Again we have combined our statistics with DairyBase, which provides a better understanding of the New Zealand dairy farm businesses.

These reports should assist you to identify areas of your business where you are performing  and where you might be able to change and increase your profitability.

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Highlights for 2013/2014

  • Profit per hectare increased between 55.8% to 85.9% across the categories
  • Dairy farming production per hectare increased between 4.9% to 5.9%  across the categories
  • The biggest increase in costs was seen in feed costs per cow with Owner Operators and Sharemilkers seeing an increase of 26.8% and  24.7%
  • This was followed by an increase Repairs & Maintenance costs per Ha with Owner Operators and Farm Owners with sharemilkers seeing an increase of 13.4% and 15.7%
  • Fertiliser costs dropped again this year with Owner Operators and Farm Owners with sharemilkers seeing a decrease of 12.3% and 11.1%

Maximise the value

To really benefit from these reports you need to request a personalised one. This will benchmark your farm against the Group. Powerful information to allow you to easily see the areas of your business which are out performing others and those where you might want to consider changes to increase profitability.

A personalised report will help you with budgeting, business planning and discussions with your bank.

To obtain a personalised report, contact your Partner and they will organise this for you, at a cost of $150.00


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