Experience rating

This is a system of modifying a business’s ACC Work levy based on its claims history.

Experience rating recognises and rewards business owners (including self-employed people) with good claims histories, and encourages a focus on improving workplace safety and making New Zealand businesses better places to work.

How Experience rating is calculated

ACC will look at your work claims from the previous 3 levy years. A 'no claims' discount or 'experience rating' discount may apply if no weekly compensation claims have occurred. Discounts could be anything from 10% to 20% depending on billing values.

A loading (increase) may apply if you have had weekly compensation claim(s) with a total duration of more than 70 days, or any fatal claim. The loading percent will depend on claim(s). In extreme cases this could be as high as 20%. Some exception may apply for instance if you are below minimum liable earnings or you do not receive levies each year.



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