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New Provisional Tax Rules

- 3rd Oct 2017

New Provisional tax rules have come into force for the 2018 income tax year.  The two major changes provide not only a simplification of the provisional tax rules but also opportunities for tax payers to manage their provisional tax liabilities much more effectively. 

Four Quick Facebook Tips

- 11th Sep 2017

Are you trying to grow your social media following? Have more influence eand increase engagement with your brand? Some basic tips to help you towards success....

The Commissioner of Inland Revenue has recently announced changes to the deductibility of farm house expenditure for farmers. 

Congrats to our In-House Lawyer, Megan Potter.

We are excited to announce CooperAitken are now accredited partners of Cash Manager Rural.

IRD Scam

- 11th Jul 2017

Thankfully common sense has prevailed and Inland Revenue has clarified that where a  nomination occurs between associated persons this will not trigger the bright-line test.   

The Commissioner of Inland Revenue has recently released guidance on determining the market value of accommodation that is provided to employees.

Congratulations to Imran Raza (CooperAitken Director), Stu Meads and Mark Crarer for their success in their award winning software system.

Is it your goal to own your own financially viable farm one day? Or are you currently farming but really can’t see any way ahead to be able to own land of your own?

Special Mentions...

- 8th Jun 2017

After 30 years as Director, Trevor has made the decision to step down. Our Associate, Teresa Phillips, has returned home to Whangarei.

Moving Day Tips

- 31st May 2017

Tips to help make your moving day stress free.

How Interest cover, Accounts Receivable and Inventory turnover tie together so you can assess the liquidity of your business.

Measure of how quickly your business is moving its inventory.

Changes are being proposed by Inland Revenue regarding to the deductibility of farm house expenditure. 

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