June 2011

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Budget Update 18th May 2011

The budget announced moderate changes to Kiwi Saver, Working for Families and Student Loans... read more.


ETS Update

Now is the time to sort out where you stand on carbon credits and emissions cost. There are some key dates coming up ... read more.


A new experience rating system. Read how this could affect you by paying more or less ... read more. (scroll down to last article)




CooperAitken Continuous Improvement

A new effective communication method - Eshout ...

Scheduling work, we are committed but logistics proved difficult, should be completed in the next few months....

....read more. (Scroll down to Eshout)

Sponsorship and Events

Catch up on the 10th Annual Morrinsville College Fun Run and all the events at CooperAitken ... read more.

Team News

Qualification success, a new baby arrival and changes to our reception staff ... read more.





Farming - Livestock Determinations

National average market values of specificed livestock 2011... read more.

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