December Newsletter

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The offices will be closed from 4 pm on Monday, 23 December 2013 and will

reopen at 8.30 am on Wednesday, 8 January 2014.



Christmas Message

CooperAitken would like to thank you for your continued loyalty in 2013. We truly hope that the Christmas season fills your home with happiness, and the new year brings you success and prosperity.

We Won!

The team was delighted in October to win the Matamata Piako District Council award for the Business Excellence - Morrinsville category at the Business to Business Awards.

This was a huge achievement by the firm as a whole and a great recognition to everyone in the team of a job well done. To win we demonstrated aspects around our innovative marketing and branding, how we manage sustainability and the support we provide to our local communities.

Looking back over 2013...

Another year has whizzed past but not without some great progress being made by the team.  The achievements that stand out in 2013 include:

  • The launch of Triplejump Waikato, which offers solutions to protect your financial future, protecting your business, farm, family and you, should an unexpected health event occur.
  • Also the launch of TimeSmart, a web- based software solution designed to make your business more profitable by increasing team efficiency, improving communication and immediately identifying the profitability of each job
  • Moving to our new offices in Matamata, which we officially opened in May with a client evening.
  • Becoming the official facilitator for the sale and lease of Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company’s MSE’s.
  • Providing a number of seminars, articles and e-shouts covering a range of useful topics.
  • Recruiting 14 new staff members.
  • Five babies, two marriages and four graduations. Sadly we lost Janice Monkley early in the year.
  • Sponsoring and supporting many activities – Morrinsville College with the fun run and new goal post pads, the Morrinsville Theatre, the Christmas Parade, Red Nose Day, Daffodil Day and many more.
  • So winning the Business Award rounded off the year nicely.

Dressing up is fun and it’s all for good causes...

The team got behind Daffodil Day, Red Nose Day and Pink Day

Fun Run

CooperAitken and the team supported the Morrinsville College Fun Run again this year.

Exam success

Congratulations to Michelle Weller on passing the Professional Competency Exam for the Institute of Accounting Technicians (PCEI).


A Wedding and a Baby...

Congratulations to Brylee Sharp on her marriage to Aaron Budd on Saturday, 16 November at Rosenvale, Te Awamutu. Brylee and Aaron are honeymooning in Queenstown.


Tracy Williams gave birth to a baby boy on 16 November. Levi joins his big sister Ava who is now 2 years old.







Gavin Haddon

Gavin Haddon has recovered well from his surgery and we are expecting him back on board in the New Year. Gavin would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes.

New Staff

Vicki Longstaff started as our new receptionist in October (photo left) and Jessica Horrox and Sarah Pothecary both joined the accounting team in November.


Julie Stacey (photo left) has joined the TimeSmart team and is responsible for the installation of the software, technical support and training for our clients. You can contact Julie on 07 902 2892



Catch up with the CooperAitken team...Check out our current team news



Christmas Parade and our Christmas Party

CooperAitken is the major sponsor for this yearly fun event that involves the entire town and provides an excellent day out for the family. This year the theme was nautical. The CooperAitken float saw the team, directors and family members, including loads of kids, captain a pirate ship


This year the team had their Christmas party at director Gavin Haddon’s home, a relaxed beach themed evening which was a perfect way to celebrate a productive and progressive year.


Mail Delivery Delays


Don’t get penalised with late filing or late payment penalties when filing returns or sending payments to IRD or ACC. Please allow for the delays being experienced with the post and if you have something to go at the last minute consider using Fast Post or Courier.





Pay ACC on Time... don't get caught out....

Paying your ACC CoverPlus Extra on time will avoid your cover reverting to standard CoverPlus. This would mean, in the event of a claim, that you would not receive your agreed level of cover and you would have to prove loss of income, and provide ACC with much more information and paperwork.

Whats been happening....Seminars and Workshops

Cloud Computing… Every cloud has a silver lining

A breakfast workshop was held in November and several businesses came along to discuss and learn what Cloud computing actually means. Read more

For more information on Cloud Computing contact Cherry Philpott 07 902 2895


ACC Workplace Safety

An ACC workplace safety workshop was held at the beginning of November. Clients came along and completed an assessment booklet demonstrating capability in health and safety management in the workplace.

The benefits of attending included:

  •        10% renewable discount from their work-related ACC levy
  •           Getting a better understanding of how to keep yourself and your employees safe
  •           Avoiding the costs associated with accidents at work, e.g. absence, reduced productivity and official    investigations.

If you are interested in attending a workshop in the future please contact Jade Whitcombe on 07 902 2886.


Paying employees over the festive season

This year Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Wednesday, and Boxing Day and January 2 are on a Thursday. As they all fall on week days, the statutory holidays are observed on the actual days.

If an employee would usually work on the Wednesday and/or Thursday, and works on these days,  they are entitled to be paid at time and a half for the time they work plus receive a day in lieu at another date.

If you hire someone to work on these days and they are NOT their normal working days for you, i.e. they would not normally work for you on a Wednesday or a Thursday, they still need to be paid time and a half for the hours worked but you do not need to give them any days in lieu.

Hints and Tips from Marketing

Including how to get more for your marketing dollar, and how to maximise the use of  pictures and images Read more




TimeSmart - Do you know how profitable your business is on a day-to-day basis?

The TimeSmart team is fully up and running now with Imran, Mark, Julie and Stewart and they are making traction in the market-place.TimeSmart will help you increase team efficiency and see profitability instantly.  You’ll have a more profitable business with TimeSmart, that’s the bottom line.

Suitable for architects, construction firms, consultants, designers, lawyers, surveyors and other industry professionals who sell their time.

For more information on how you can improve your bottom line contact Mark Crarer on 07 902 2880




Triplejump complements ACC’s accident cover

It’s been six months since CooperAitken launched Triplejump Waikato and the team, Joan Coffey and Chris Hollows, are working hard at providing clients with assessments and measuring their financial risk, seeking solutions to protect their business, farm and family should an unexpected health event occur.


So speak with Triplejump Waikato to review your ACC cover and your situation so that you maximise your protection without duplicating cover and overpaying, but ensure you have enough cover to protect you should the unexpected happen.  For a free Triplejump assessment of your financial risk contact Joan or Chris on 07 902 2890

Triplejump have this year become a national sponsor for the NZ Dairy Industry Awards

Enter before 20 December 2013 and go into the draw to win one of three Honda XR125 farm bikes

Email or telephone Chris or Joan 07 902 2890 once you have entered and they will invite you to a sausage sizzle evening early in the new year to help you with your entry




Residential Care Subsidies and Your Trust

A recent decision by the Court of Appeal has recently confirmed the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) policy on allowable gifting when assessing assets for Residential Care Subsidies. Read more 





The roller coaster ride of milk payouts!

Final payouts have been announced for the various Dairy Companies as per the following table.  Tatua proved to be the leading Dairy Company last season. Read more  about the payouts and what this means for farmers from a tax and management perspective.

For more information contact Peter Hexter on 07 889 7153.


Beware of accidents at weddings....

As the wedding season approaches you might want to consider these incidents that have led to accidents, as advised by ACC:

  • Dance floors are the most dangerous
  • Hugging too tight
  • High heels
  • Biting into a foreign object e.g. a decoration on a cake

Bank Link

Check out our new webpage on BankLink. You will find this under services/software solutions. The page provides details of what BankLink is, how it works, the benefits and team contact details. We have also added some useful links such as Short Cut Keys, Tips and Q & A’s. You will be able to look things up quicker, switch between bank accounts, rearrange columns and personalise BankLink.

Reminder – If you are on BankLink Invoice Plus you must upgrade before 31 December 2013.


Important Notice from MYOB BankLink

A recent Microsoft directive means that from 1 february 2014, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems will no longer be supported by MYOB BankLink. For more information see our website

Microsoft Support Ends..

Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ends on 8 April 2014, see our website for more information. If you should need more help please contact Cherry Philpott on 07 902 2895.



Business Services within CooperAitken

  • Need HR help – contact John Brosnan 07 902 2838
  • Software driving you crazy – contact Cherry Philpott 07 902 2895
  • Want to capture more of your bottom line – contact Mark Crarer 07 902 2899 about TimeSmart
  • ACC’s accident cover questions – contact Robyn Pickett 07 902 2864
  • Understand more about your Trust- contact Leanne Gordon 07 902 2842
  • Protect your income from death or disability – contact Joan Coffey or Chris Hollows on 07 902 2890 regarding Triplejump
  • Reduce the administration of paying staff wages – contact Michelle Weller 07 902 2860



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