Pricing Philosophy

Fair honest pricing for the quality of work we deliver.

Unlike many accountants, we base our pricing on a range of aspects.

Our aim is to discuss prices with you before we start, giving you time to consider. If we do over quote and the work was less than anticipated, we will refund the difference.  Likewise, any increase in work involved will be discussed with you prior to continuing. 

Our policy is to be open about our pricing and for you, the client, to have no surprises.  We can discuss options with you that can help to minimise your fee.  Sometimes it is better for you that we do more; eg completing your GST every two months may mean the work for your annual accounts is less.

Payment Options

To make it easy for you to pay us on time we have a wide range of payments options available. We appreciate there may be times when paying the full invoice amount in one go may be difficult and we are open to discussing payment methods with you.

  • Internet Banking – our account for internet payments is 12-3123-0002472-51. Some banks use 3 characters for the last section in which case it would be 12-3123-0002472-051. Please use your client code (printed on your invoice) as your reference to ensure it is applied to the correct account.

  • Credit cards – these can be processed by our receptionists at our offices, or you can telephone any of or three branches and give details to pay their account by Visa et, or you can email payment details to

  • Eftpos / Debit cards – these can be processed by our receptionist at our office.

  • Automatic Payments – We can give an estimate of your annual fees so that you can spread the payments over the year. A reconcile is necessary at year end.

  • Cash / Cheque – of course these options continue to be acceptable. Please include the remittance advice from your invoice to ensure the payment is credited to the correct account.

  • FeeSmart – for those who have received an account and need finance to spread the payment we offer a financing service from feeSmart Finance Ltd. Visit their website or contact and we can produce an agreement for you.

Our aim is to make paying us as easier as possible.  Please contact  Karleen Sutton on 07 889-8882 of you have any other ideas for improvement in this area or wish to discuss your options.

Keep fees down....

  1. Complete papers – ie send in ALL invoices AND statements

  2. Sort Papers

    1. Bank Statements in date order, separating different bank accounts or loans

    2. Invoices for deposits to be separated

    3. Invoices for expenses in date order of payment

  3. Write date paid on invoice

  4. If paying an incomplete amount, write the amount paid on the invoice

  5. Use a separate account for personal expenses and don’t mix them except for regular transfers

  6. If multiple entities, ensure the correct entity always pays for its own expenses

  7. If coding your own bank statements/BankLink – talk to us before making new codes, and ask if unsure of coding

  8. If asked to sing a BankLink authorisation form to it promptly

  9. When asked for queries act on this quickly

  10. Communicate with us

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