Specialised teams -

BankLink, ACC, Payroll, Tax, DairyBase, Review, HR, Trusts, Accounting Software, Company Administration and Marketing

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Gemma Woodham leads the BankLink team members include and Troy Hallett, Megan Shanon, Peter Hexter and Sharon Nickalls. BankLink offers an excellent system to speed up access to financial information and get data for accurate reports. For more on BankLink.





Robyn Pickett leads the ACC team members which include John Brosnan, Jade Whitcombe, Joan Coffey and Sam Campbelll . Our ACC team make sure your cover is appropriate for your role in the business, that you are on the most cost effective cover, and that you are aware of discounts to help reduce the cost. For more on ACC.







Michelle Weller is  our Payroll Officer, for our Morrinsville and Thames clients.   Nicky Cody attend to wages for our Matamata clients.  Please contact them with any wage queries you may have.   They will be only too happy to help.


Sharyn Walsh leads the Tax team members include, Shelley McBride, Kim Bruce, Jessica Horrox, Angela Duncan and Sharon Nickalls. The team deal with the IRD for you, resolving incorrect assessments, getting refunds, Working for Family issues. For more on Taxation.


Carmelle Blair, CA, leads the DairyBase team.  Providing a statistical tool that allows our farmers to have access to a very useful benchmarking information. For more on DairyBase.

Review Team

Colleen Pallesen, CA,  leads the review team members include, Rachel Robb, CA, Chris Salmon, CA and Carissa Tolley, CA, Camelle Blair, CA and Deborah Hollands, CA.  This team of qualified accountants is CooperAitken's quality control, ensuring all work is accurate.

Human Resources

John Brosnan, John can help with all employment aspects, ensuring you get the very best from your team read more


Alison Clarke, DipM, Alison managers all CooperAitkens marketing, and is also available to advise our clients read more

Trust Administration

Megan Wood and Kate Russell can help you with all your Trust Services read more


Company Administration

Shirley Scherer


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